Sanamex Cleaning Services

About us

Sanamex Cleaning Services was established by Abilio Santos in 1985. With nearly three decades of first-hand knowledge and experience, Mr. Santos understands the needs of a diverse clientele. Quality of service is of the utmost importance, which is why Mr. Santos directly oversees his field supervisors and cleaning professionals. Sites are subject to frequent inspection and clear and consistent communication is expected from all of the Sanamex employees. Sanamex assumes all responsibility and liability, and each employee is fully bonded and insured.

Never in our recent history has the demand for managers to handle more with less been greater. Sanamex Cleaning Services understands our recent economic pressures and is meeting that challenge with high quality, reliable services within your budget.

Please contact our office with any questions and a staff member will be happy to assist you.


Sanamex Green

We are very pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new division of Sanamex Cleaning Services – SANAMEX GREEN! Sanamex Green is the environmentally responsible answer to address health issues related to allergies and/or upper respiratory problems and to maintain an overall safe environment for young children and the elderly. Our highly qualified personnel use only eco-friendly products, disinfected rags and no sponge mops. Our cleaning professionals are well-trained in the use of specialized equipment such as Wind-Tunnel Bagless HEPA vacuum cleaners.