Aircraft cleaning

In addition to the wide array of services offered by Sanamex, we also provide aircraft cleaning and maintenance services. We understand that aircraft appearance is a direct reflection of your company’s image and ability to create a clean and healthy atmosphere for passengers. Our trustworthy, well-trained staff will clean, vacuum, and disinfect the interior of your aircraft, while adhering to USDA regulations. We appreciate the importance of security in the aircraft industry, which is why our staff members undergo an extensive screening process that involves background checks before employment. We are fully bonded and insured.


  • Full interior detailing
  • Leather Cleaning and conditioning
  • Cockpit detailing
  • Carpet extraction
  • Cabin and cockpit window cleaning
  • Quick-turn departure cleaning
  • Wet wash
  • Dry wash
  • De-ice boots
  • Fiber sealant and protection
  • Bright Work
  • Hand Wax and polish
  • Gear wells cleaning